ChamberTec 2000

 This is an outstanding smoke chamber parging mix.  A 1" layer of Chamber Tech has the insulating equivalence of 5" of masonry.  just mix with a small amount of water.  

  • Turblulence/Very Inefficient
  • Uninsulated/Much Heat Loss
  • Heat Transfers To Combustibles
  • Area Weakened From Use & Time
  • Needs Structural Strength
  • Builds Up Creosote Faster
  • Hard To Clean
  • Inadequate Clearance To Combustibles
  • Fluent Efficient Flow Of Smoke/Combustion By-Products
  • Smooth Surface/Less Friction/No Turbulence
  • Insulated/Increased Efficiency/Less Heat Transfer
  • Structural Strength Added
  • Less Creosote Build-Up
  • Easier To Clean And Maintain
  • Cost Effective Compared To Alternatives