Enervex Fan Maintenance

Please refer to Manufactures Instructions.   

Prior to CleaningEnervex Fan Open

 Remove butterfly nut or screw from each hinge prior to cleaning.

Care and Cleaning

The EXHAUSTO Chimney Fan is designed for prolonged use. The fan should be inspected at least once a year when the chimney is inspected. Creosote and other deposits should be removed from the fan blades and the bottom of the motor housing.

The top of the fan is hinged and can be opened in order to ease the cleaning.

Warning: Do not open the motor housing unless power to the chimney fan has been disconnected.

Chimney Cleaning IntervalsEnervex Fan Cleaning

It is extremely important to keep the chimney flue clean from creosote and deposits. Creosote is the major cause of chimney fires.

Cleaning intervals depend on the use of the appliance. The more the appliance is used, the more often the chimney flue needs cleaning.

If a fireplace is used regularly (2-3 times a week), semi-annual chimney cleaning may be required. If it is used every day, shorter intervals may be required. Commercial use of wood-fired pizza ovens may require chimney cleaning every 2-3 months.

No matter how much used, a chimney flue serving wood-fired appliances should be cleaned and inspected at least once every year.